Financial reporting

Allow the Seller to collect all the financial data provided by the Octopia financial system

Examples of use cases

- Retrieve daily operations
- Search for order or invoice operations
- Consult payment summary (estimated and paid)
- Consult invoice details
- Download invoices

Why use it

Allows sellers to retrieve all financial informations. Most common operations : payment details, payment overview, operation and invoice details, invoice download.

How it works

Financial information concerning orders is made available the day after the acceptation of the order by the seller.
Sellers can therefore retrieve all the financial information of an order (or refund) at Day +1.
They can also retrieve all financial information available by entering the desired period.

Commission statements are issued every 10 days on 9/19/29 of the month. It is a document of grouping of invoices.

The invoice documents (PDF files) are available at the same time as the invoice information.

Finally, payments are triggered automatically every 10 days on 1/11/21 of the month or on demand as soon as the funds are cleared.
Sellers can retrieve the details of the payments made on each payout, as well as payment history.


Here is an operating diagram of Octopia's financial workflow :