Offer feature

An offer represents the commercial offer made by a seller to a product. Thus, a seller can have a catalog of offers but an offer is only defined on one product
Note: a seller can have multiple offers on the same SKU in different states (New, Used Good ...)

If you have already developed the API in SOAP, the creation of the product sheet remains unchanged.

This is simple offer management, for pricing operation check this chapter

 withFull update

This is the first package to be sent when you initialise your product offers. It allows you to initialise the delivery costs, tax, This is the first package to be sent when you initialise your product offers. It allows you to initialise delivery costs, taxes, commercial information, etc...

See example full offer package with different possibility

Stock and price(light) update

To manage your daily updates, you have the possibility to update only the stock price or the stock and price.

Retrieve an example light offer

The attributes

Mandatory :

<Offer SellerProductId="32427220" ProductEan="0080605625006" ProductCondition="6" Price="19.95" EcoPart="0.10" DeaTax="3.14" vat="19.6" Stock="10" Comment="Offre avec tous les modes de livraisons possibles" PreparationTime="1">

ProductCondition value :

6 -> New

4 ->AverageState

2 -> VeryGoodState

1 -> LikeNew

Other attributes :

  • StrikedPrice  Allows you to display the strike price

  • PriceMustBeAligned "true" or "false" and MinimumPriceForPriceAlignment

  • IsCDAV "true" or "false"

Shipping information

The available delivery methods to be informed for parcels under 30 kg :

Only Registered and Tracked are mandatory

<ShippingInformation AdditionalShippingCharges="0.95" DeliveryMode="Standard" ShippingCharges="1.0" /> 
<ShippingInformation AdditionalShippingCharges="1.95" DeliveryMode="Tracked" ShippingCharges="2.0" /> 
<ShippingInformation AdditionalShippingCharges="2.95" DeliveryMode="Registered" ShippingCharges="3.0" /> 
<ShippingInformation AdditionalShippingCharges="6.95" DeliveryMode="RelaisColis" ShippingCharges="7.5" /> 
<ShippingInformation AdditionalShippingCharges="7.95" DeliveryMode="SoColissimo" ShippingCharges="8.5" /> 
<ShippingInformation AdditionalShippingCharges="7.95" DeliveryMode="MondialRelay ShippingCharges="8.5" />

Commercial mechanics,
     there are 4 possible ones :

  • the strikedprice which corresponds to the price generally found in stores. It is not limited in time. Price is strictly lower than StrikedPrice.

  • Minimum price for alignement (MinimumpriceforPriceAlignment and PriceMustBeAligned) which is automatically aligned with the competition up to the fixed floor price. it is not limited in time. In your case, please note that you have entered "1.00", which means that you can lower the price by up to 1€.

  • Sales that are only active during the official sales period in France (January and June). Type=3 and DiscountUnit=1. The SalesreferencePrice is the price that will be applied to the sale (usually equal to the Price) and the DiscountValue is the discount percentage. Be careful, in your example, you make a discount of 99.90%. Not combinable with flash sales.

  • flash sales. Limited to 72h maximum for each SKU with a mandatory 3x the time of the flash sale between each sale. Type=1 and DiscountUnit=1. The DiscountValue is applied directly on the Price. And the spacing between StartDate and EndDate must not exceed 48h. Not combinable with sales.

You can find examples of commercial mechanics in the full offer package.

Benchmark and Pricing


Manage your pricing

/competing-offers/changes allow to :  

  • Collect information about your competitor offers :

  • is buybox?

  • productcondition

  • price

  • shipment country

  • Shipping mode

  • Shipping time

/seller-deals/search This method returns a paginated list of commission deals, and the total number of deals.

Retrieve the pricing method here