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Find in this page how to create a product package, structure it and send it.

"If you already know the creation part of the compressed package, you can send your link via the new Submit product method.

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Product package

    In order to submit your product sheets you need to send a compressed package.

The prerequisites :

    How is it structured the product package

    How to create a product sheet

    Host your compressed product package and send it with the submit product method by setting the url as a parameter in the body.

In detail

    The first step is to check that the product does not exist with offer search functionality. If the product sheet already exists on Cdiscount you can directly push an offer on this product.

    If doesn't exist, we recommend you to  follow this tutorial and best practice


Mandatory attributes :

<Product BrandName="AUCUNE" CategoryCode="0Z010701" Description="Your description" LongLabel="Do contain 132 characters maximum" Model="SOUMISSION CREATION PRODUITS_MK" ProductKind="Standard" SellerProductId="166ref1234" ShortLabel="Do contain 30 characters maximum">
<ProductEan Ean=""/>
<!-- 1 mandatory image, 4 maximum attention to respect the weight, size and content -->
<ProductImage Uri="" />

For product variation you must add :

  • SellerProductFamily to initialise the common variation reference

  • Size to be filled in with an existing value that can be found in the model.

  • SellerProductColorName also to be filled in with an existing value that can be found in the model.

The optional attributes :

  • Navigation

  • EncodedMarketingDescription This optional attribute describes the marketing description and allows you to give more information about the product and also to add images, videos and HTML code.

    Warning : the text must be encoded in base 64 and is limited to 5,000 characters.

HTML allowed : <bold> <strong> <br>

HTML forbidden : <href> <font> <table> <tr> <td> <th> <h1> <h2> <h3> <h4> <h5> <h6> <body>

And to enrich your product data sheets you have the properties models :

To do this you need to add between the EanList and Product.Pictures tags the tag below

<!-- example properties-->
<x:String x:Key="Genre">Homme</x:String>
<x:String x:Key="Type de public">Adulte</x:String>

To summarize :

  • Get model allows you to retrieve the information, the model and enrich the product data sheet

  • Get Category allows you to retrieve the categories authorised for the seller

  • Submit product allows you to send your product packages via the url you have hosted

  • Get package integration enables you to consult the integration report of your product package submitted by product

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